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McIntosh MC7150

- Amplificatore Potenza Stereo

McIntosh MC7150
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Stereo power amplifier which inherited the technology of MC2600 and was developed.

The functionality of the protector which the output transformer is adopted, keeps the operating temperature of amplifier low, and raises a stability, and prevents the overload of amplifier is also achieved. Furthermore, he examines a material and a structure and many properties, such as a distortion, are raised.

The symmetry circuit developed by MC2600 is adopted as the amplifying circuit after the predrive stage. In order to demonstrate the merit of a noise or little of this distorted circuitry fully fundamentally, the sorting using of the element to which the property was equal is carried out severely. The metal can type high reliance transistor is used for the final stage which stands in a row to an output transformer a total of 3 parallel and 12 right-and-left channels.

At the time of the excessive input exceeding a clipping output, the power guarding system with an indicator operates in a protection network, and gain is automatically dropped on it, and the measures against equipping a demand-limiter circuitry etc. are taken.

The succession variable level control of a right-and-left independency is offered, and Input sensitivity can be adjusted freely. Moreover, it is 2.5V input on a center it1 point.

There was a wood cabinet of a photograph as an option option.The large-current capacity gilding terminal is adopted as an output-terminal.

ELECTRICAL: 150w/ch into 8 ohms. Response 20-20kHz (+0 -0.25dB). Distortion 0.005%. Noise and hum -110dBA. Output impedance 2, 4 or 8 ohms. Damping factor 40 or greater. Input impedance 20k. Input sensitivity 1.4v. Sentry Monitor. Power Guard.

FRONT PANEL: Glass panel. Illuminated. Power level meters (linear watts or dB). Gain controls. Meter sw: watts or hold. Power Guard lamps. Power sw: on or off.

BACK PANEL: Output barrier strips. Audio inputs. AC outlet. Fuse. Panloc mounting.

Size 5-5/16"H, [Front panel width was 16-3/16" in early units and 17-1/2" in later units]. 15-1/4"D. Weight 58 lb. Sold from 1991-1994.

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