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McIntosh C220

- Preamplificatore a valvole

McIntosh C220
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The tube preamplifier which supplied the newest digiteches, such as adoption of a digital control volume, to the tradition of amplifier structure of a mac.

Thermionic-tube 12AX7A is performing all amplifications of the signal. Moreover, the mute of the output is carried out until it will be in the status that the thermionic tube can get warm and output by an automatic turn-on delay, and the influence of the noise by an external equipment etc. is reduced.

The VRV (Variable Rate Volume) digital electronic volume of 214 steps is adopted per 0.5dB.

While enabling volume control with an analog volume sensation by this, it is strong to secular change of a contact, and the stable operation has been obtained.

The input selector in which a special NetWare program is possible is carried.

The illumination structure by the optical diffusion fiber which improved the visibility without spoiling an appearance design is adopted as a fluorescent-light display device.

Form: Tube preamplifier

Output load impedance: 250ohms

Input sensitivity/impedance:

- Line: 900mV / 22kohm (balance)

- 450mV / 22kohm (unbalance)

- Phone (man-month): 4.5mV / 47kohm


- A line -> pre out: 15dB

- Line -> tapes output: 0dB

- Phone man month -> pre out: 55dB

THD: 0.08%

Input terminal:

- Line (RCA): Seven lines

- Line (XLR): Two lines

- Phone man month: One line

Sound-recording output-terminal:

- RCA: One line

Pre-out termination

- RCA: Three lines

- XLR: One line

Power consumption: 75W

The maximum Dimensions: Width 445x height 152x depth of 415mm

Weight: 9.6kg

Adjunct: Remote control


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