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Sansui au-9500

- Amplificatore Stereo

Sansui au-9500
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The top model of the AU-9500 Series that established the Sansui's reputation as one of the best audiophile manufacturers in the world.

The AU-9500 did not have more elaborate circuitries Sansui developed some years later; however, it was well designed and well built. The AU-9500 reproduces traditional tube like sounding image; very powerful especially in the lower frequencies. The AU-9500 was the top of the line model when Sansui's founder and perfectionist, Mr. Kosaku Kikuchi, retired in 1974. His product philosophy was "Let the products speak themselves.", and the AU-9500 was his last jewel that satisfied his highest expectation.


Main Specifications:

IHF Music Power (IHF): 260W (4 ohms l,000Hz), 220W ( 8 ohms 1,000Hz)

Continuous RMS Power (each channel driven): 120/120W (4 ohms 1,000Hz), 85/85W (8 ohms 1,000Hz)

Continuous RMS Power (both channels driven): 115/115W (4 ohms 1,000Hz), 80/80W (8 ohms 1,000Hz)

Continuous RMS Power (both channels driven at rated distortion, 20 to 20,000Hz): 75/75W (8 ohms)

Total Harmonic Distortion (at rated output): less than 0.1%Intermodulation Distortion (rated output, 70Hz: 7,000Hz = 4:1 SMPTE method): less than

IHF Power Bandwidth (each channel driven, at rated distortion): 5 to 40,000Hz

Frequency Response (power output at 1watt): 15 to 40,000Hz

Load Impedance: 4 to 16 Ohms

Damping Factor: approx. 50 ay 8 Ohms



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