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McIntosh C20

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McIntosh C20
Condizioni: Ben Tenuto | Imballo: No | Manuale: No | Prezzo: 6.000€

ELECTRICAL: Response 20-20kHz (+0.5 -0.5dB). Distortion 0.2%. Noise and hum -85dB high level, 2uV phono. Output rated 2.5V. Input sensitivity and impedance: high level 0.25V at 470k, phono 2mV at 47k. L+R out 2.5V. Tone controls: bass and treble each +18 -18dB. Loudness: flat to max. Voltage gain 20dB aux, 60dB phono.

FRONT PANEL: Glass panel with anodized aluminum trim. Early versions had plastic panel with brass trim. Mode selector: rev, stereo, L, R, M left, M right. Balance. Phase: 0 or 180. HF cutoff filter: flat, 9kc or 5kc. Loudness: flat to max. Volume with power switch. Input selector: aux, tape, tuner 1, tuner 2, phono 1 (stereo or mono), phono 2 (stereo or mono), tape hd 1 tape hd 2. Record compensator: bass switch: 0, 300, 400, RIAA, LP, tape. Treble switch: tape, -5, -10, -12, RIAA, LP. Bass and treble controls. Rumble filter. Tape compare switch. Tape jacks and switch. Headphone.

BACK PANEL: Outputs: l+r, main (2 pair), tape. Low frequency trim controls. High level inputs: tape compare, aux, tape, tuner 1, tuner 2. Low level inputs: phono1 : xtal ceramic, magnetic 2-10mV and 10-70mV, phono 2: xtal ceramic, magnetic 2-10mV and 10-70mV, tape head 1: 2-10mV and 10-70mV, tape head 2: 2-10mV and 10-70mV. Ground binding post. AC outlets: 4 switched, 1 unswitched. Fuse.

TUBES: 2-12AU7, 5-12AX7, 6X4.

Size: 4-7/8"H, 15-5/8"W and 12"D behind panel.

Weight: 18 lb.

Sold from: 1959-1963.


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