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Akai X-330D

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Akai X-330D
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The stereo tape deck which carries functions, such as a program minder.

The Akai carries the world's first crossing field head to succeed in utilization in the head.

Since signal current is added to a recording head, it is made for bias current to be added by the Crosfield system at the outside head only for bias and these heads are in the fixed space position shifted relatively,Even if it adds bias, the signal recorded on a tape is recorded without receiving the bad influence of a bias magnetic field.

The hysteresis synchronous 3 speed motor is carried in the capstan drive, and tape speed can be changed only by setting tape speed with a tape speed selector.

If program minder is carried and it is used in the case of a play, for two selected points will be automatically reproduced for Masakata and to an opposite direction.

Thereby, since a stop button is pushed, a repeat can be reproduced automatically.

If a sensing pin is touched when the tape will run, if the sensing tape is inserted in the middle of the tape to be used, counterrotation will be carried out automatically.

A permanent reverse play is also possible by using this.

Manual reverse operation is possible.

The electromagnetic brake is carried in order to perform a run stop of a tape perfectly.

5 type reel to 10 type reel can use it.

There was wired remote control as an option.


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