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McIntosh MR66

- Sintonizzatore AM/FM

McIntosh MR66
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Stereo simulcast (binaural) am/fm tuner. Can be used for fm stereo with outboard MA6 multiplex adapter. Separate AM and FM tuning knobs.

FM SECTION: sensitivity 3-1/4uV. Response 20-20kHz within 2dB. Distortion less than 0.8%. Capture ratio 1 to 0.7. Three IF stages. Two limiters. Image rejection 80dB.

AM SECTION: sensitivity 1.5uV. Selectivity bandwidth 20-20kHz, 20-11.5kHz, 20-8kHz, and 20-6.5kHz. Whistle filter reject 70dB at 10kHz. Audio out 4v.

FRONT PANEL: AM sw: multiplex fm, am out, narrow, medium 1, medium 2 or broad. Mode selector sw: mon am, mon fm, stereo or power off. AFC ctrl: min to max. FM function sw: mute out, mute in or fm out. AM signal strength meter. FM tuning meter. Zero adj for am and fm signal strength meters behind end caps.

BACK PANEL: MPX out. MPX adapter power. 2 mpx inputs. AM out. FM out. AM antenna sw: ant or loop. Lamp sw: hi or lo. AM out adj. FM out adj. Ext am antenna. 300 or 75 ohm fm antenna.

TUBES: 2-6BN4A, 12AT7, 4-6AU6, 6CS6, 12AU7, 6BN8, 2-6U8, 2-6BA6, 6BE6, 2-6BY8, 6BW4.

Size: 5-1/8"H, 15-5/8"W and 12-3/16"D behind panel.

Weight: 27 lb.

Sold from: 1960-1961.


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