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McIntosh MR65B

- Sintonizzatore FM

McIntosh MR65B
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Front Panel: Anodized gold and black aluminum panel. Illuminated dial. Illuminated signal strength meter. MPX indicator light. Illuminated tuning meter. Tuning control. Volume control. Mode selector switch: ext stereo, MPX stereo, FM, power off. Auto frequency control: min to max. Muting switch: in or out. Zero adjustment for signal strength and tuning meters behind end caps.

Back Panel: Scope output. Muting adjustment. Output adjustment. Audio outputs: 2.5V fixed and front panel controlled. Ext stereo input. Screw terminals for 300 or 75 ohm FM antenna and to tv set. Power cord. Fuse. Unswitched AC outlet. Panel light switch: bright or dim.
FM Section: Sensitivity 2.5uV. Response 20Hz-20kHz ± 0.5dB. Distortion less than 0.5%. Capture ratio 1.5dB. Image rejection better than 80dB. Three IF stages. Two limiters.

Tubes: 6DS4, 12AT7, (4)6AU6, 6SC6, 6BN8, (2)6BL8, 6BN4, 12AU7, 6U8, 12AU7. Solid state rectifier.

Production, 1,600 units made from June 1962 to 1964. SN: 100U1 to 359U3 and 100V1 to 101V8.
Weight: 35 lbs.


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